Add external power bank - Smart Lock 3 Pro

From my understanding we can reload a PowerPack in use. I’m right ?
I don’t have electrical outlet near the door, i want use a power bank near the SmartLock on door,
unfortunatly i don’t found power bank without On/Off switch. Any idea of products usable ?

yes you can load it while using it and yes, many people use a powerbank to do that.

on / off switch is not important. It will take around 12 hours anyway.

I want to keep power bank on door to have more than 3 month of battery life, i’m far from smartlock and in my case on/off switch is important, i cannot turn-on at 800 km.

You can always use an external switch:

That should be an understanding because i don’t want to switch On/Off and all power bank i found have include switch. I search a power bank without switch, simply provide power when it’s pluged and needed.