Add Child Lock / Disable buttons function

Product name

Nuki 3.0 Pro, Keypad 2.0, also possible for Nuki Opener, Fob


Add a child lock setting for each lock. In the app settings of Nuki and via the API, the Child Lock can be switched on or off.


The feature ensures that a change via Button directly on the Nuki, the Keypad or the Opener is no longer possible. Changes can then only be made after Child Lock is turned off via the App or via the API.


The feature prevents small children to open the door lock by pressing the buttons. In addition, in case you own an intrusion alarm system linked via an integration platform (e.g. home assistant), the keypad cannot be used to open the door when the alarm is turned on.


  • Child Lock: protection to prevent children to press the buttons to open the lock.
  • Alarm System: when linked to an alarm control system (e.g. via Home Assistant), the lock cannot be opened via the Keypad, Nukis Button or the Opener, when the alarm system is turned on. Only after deactivation of the alarm system, all the buttons work as expected
  • temporarily disable all accesses via the Keypad
  • Show the child lock in the app, to make user aware the system is in “special protection”

Hi, @tschamm

I’m curious to know why you want to disable the keypad when the alarm is on.

When I turn on the alarm while at home, I want to prevent others to enter the house, e.g. by entering the code (e.g. spying the code) on the keypad. If I want to disable the alarm, I use other devices.

On the other side, children are pressing buttons, so a child lock would anyhow appreciated.