Activity Summary Emails Guide

What is an Activity Summary email?

The “Activity Summary”is an email sent out to members of the forum who haven’t visited in a specific period with a collection of the most popular content since their last visit.


The email includes the following, automatically:

  1. Some activity statistics to emphasise activity levels
  2. A list of the most popular topics
  3. A selection of the most popular posts
  4. Links of topics that are “New for you”

The Activity Summary is sent only when you have not visited for a minimum period of time. The default for this is weekly, but you can customize it to your needs.

What gets included?

Popular topics for digests are extracted from /top topics with certain rules:

  • topics that are created new since your last visit
  • topics you have not muted
  • topic not from a muted category
  • topic not closed
  • topic not archived

User Options

Individual users have the ability to determine some of what is included and how often they receive it.

You can go to Preferences and do the following:

Under Emails:

  • change the mailing frequency
  • uncheck the box to set the frequency to never
  • to allow content from new users to be included

Under Notifications:

  • add a category or tag to Muted to stop that content appearing in the Activity Summary, but also on the Latest page