Activity log - I can't see it when I open it manually the lock


When I open the door manually with the round handle on the lock, the activity log does not show that I have opened the lock. If I don’t close it, just twist it again, it shows, sometimes twice: “Manually unlock, Manually Opened Door”.

Has anyone else experienced this error?
Is it a software bug? Or is there a hardware failure in the round handle?

As you can see in the picture, I opened the lock at 14:31 by software, this was the last data, and then I opened it again manually. It seems that the log is not updating properly for some reason.

Could it be because I don’t twist it all the way? I can hear the lock click, but I don’t turn the manual round handle all the way.

Manually opening the door (with key or knob on the Smart Lock) will only be shown in the activity log, if the end position (within a few degrees deviation) was reached. The end position is stored during the calibration procedure. Redoing it might result in a new end position. You could also try to calibrate with holding the door closed instead of open (you still need to start from unlocked position!), which might also have an impact on the reachable end point.