Activate the night mode over the bridge http api

It would be very helpful to activate the night mode over the bridge http api and not only by a configured time. So that it is possible to integrate it into home automation routine.

Why not just lock the door via Home Assistant? If you also want auto-lock, you can add a second automation that locks after x time on unlock, restricted to night hours

I do that at the moment.
But the night mode does not only lock the door.
During the night mode is enabled a auto unlock will be declined and the power consumption is less.

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Can those settings be set via the API? Arguably this would be a lot simpler to do with a single command… perhaps the custom nuki integration can add a service for night mode…

totally agree, i would like to be able to change the time via an API to match each day to times corresponding to my alarm clock which can vary from one day to another

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