Activate "Opener" also via Apple Watch via Wifi... (not eSim/LTE)

Product name

Opener/Smart Lock2.0


“Ring to Open” with Apple Watch should also be possible, when the Apple Watch is connected via WIFI (WLAN). That won’t work althout the Watch is connected with WIFI.


I want to open my door from outside my stairsfloor with my Apple Watch which is connected via Wifi (I have installed Wifi-Repeater in my stairsfloor), but my Apple Watch’s status is “not connected”. Can you please implement this feature also for Apple Watches without eSim/LTE, therefor for Wifi-versions of Apple Watch.


There will be no need to take also my iPhone with me!


Going running only with Apple Watch and without iPhone would be great. So I can open my door also with Apple Watch via the “Nuki-Opener” from outside (without LTE/eSIM functionality on my watch, Wifi should be enough) without activating “Ring to Open” for all the time, because this is not save enough, when every body can only ring and the door to stairsfloors will be opened all the time. I want to open my door only with Apple Watch from outside.