Actions shortcuts for Android App

Product name

Smart Lock


Enable Lock/Unlock/Open shortcuts when long pressing Nuki app icon on Android phones.


When we long press an icon app in Android we are given a list of shortcuts to perform certain actions.
For example, long pressing the Gmail icon we have the “Compose” shortcut.
Long pressing the Ajax alarm icon we have “Arm” and “Disarm” shortcuts.


With Lock/Unlock/Open long press shortcuts, we could perform actions without even opening the app. It’s dofferent from using the widget, because it only occupy 1x1 space on screen.
Furtherly, we could integrate this commands into Samsung Routines.
For example, I have created a “Leaving home” routine in my Samsung phone. When I launch this routine, it autonatically arms the Ajax alarm using its shortcut actions

But I don’t have the same shortcut actions for Nuki

It can only open the Nuki app, that is not useful.


When I leave home, I touch with the smartphone an NFC tag that I put on my door. This action triggers the “Leaving home” routine. The routine automatically arms the alarm (optional) and lock the door.