A lot of Auto-Unlock Problems after iOS App Update to 2.0.0


after the update to iOS App 2.0.0 i hoped that Auto-Unlock would work better but now Nuki doesn’t open the door anymore without picking up the iPhone and unlocking my phone. Only after that Nuki reacts and unlocks. If i unlock the door manually (“open door”) it happened several times that I was already inside and then stood in a room and the door opens like i arrive at home. So i had to go to the door and close it again because the door opens a little bit.

What do you need to debug this scenario?


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i agree i notice a lot of issue of auto unlock after update

What you can do, do help us debug Auto Unlock

  1. Please switch on “Debug Log” in the “Help” section of the main menu inside the Nuki app

  2. Observe the behavior of Auto Unlock over the course of several days. Do NOT constantly switch on/off Auto Unlock or it’s settings during this, because iOS sometimes takes some time for geofences to work correctly. If you permanently switch them on or off you don’t give the system time to settle.

  3. There is a hidden “Logging” feature which can greatly help with understanding what’s going on. To activate it tap 7x on the “Smart Action Center” headline. A new menu entry “Logging” will appear at the bottom. The log will show you the state transitions with precise timestamps. Check it out after you finished an Auto Unlock.

  4. When you think you nailed down the issue/behaviour, send us an error log from the “Help” section of the main menu inside the Nuki App. Please describe your oberservations and give us the exact date & time especially of your physical locations, because this is information the log does not provide and which we need to understand what’s been going on.

Please do never post a log or screenshot here in the forum. We will delete it immediately because of privacy concerns. Please do also not send us logs from every Auto Unlock that fails or is delayed. We can not look at every single case but will definitely have a look at it if the same problem happens frequently, especially if you include a good description :wink:

A few tips to troubleshoot Auto Unlock:

  • Make sure that the location of your Smart Lock is set properly (Administration > Location).
  • Never kill (“swipe away”) the Nuki app in the task switcher.
  • Leave BLE & WIFI switched on all the time. Switched on WIFI helps iOS’s location services and Auto Unlock won’t work with BLE switched off. It might even run into troubles when switching it off from time to time.
  • Make sure to have the latest version of the Nuki app installed as well as the latest version of iOS.
  • If Auto Unlock seems stuck try rebooting your phone.
  • If this does not help switch off & on Auto Unlock.
  • Press the power button of your phone while approaching the door. Very often delayed Auto Unlocks are caused by the power saving functions of your iPhone. Pressing the power button will wake it up for a short period of time which is often enough to trigger Auto Unlock.

I just sent you an e-mail. Problem has occurred with every further unlock attempt.


Any findings? Nuki is now absolutely reliable that Auto Unlock does NOT work. More reliable than Auto Unlock ever was. Sounds funny but it’s actually not funny at all.

Why don’t you even do a bug-hunt with the beta users to get Auto Unlock under control or just make it halfway functional?

Because if it doesn’t work for you it doesn’t mean that it doesn’t work for others … Auto Unlock problems are very individual and every ones situation is a little bit different.

Sent you a DM