4.0 PRO, what is the most stable communication? Matter? Wifi? Bridge?

I use Matter communication, the lock is often reported as offline, today for example I can’t get into the lock logs at all (remotely).

It is a 4.0 Pro, it would be good if in case of a Matter failure the wifi module is automatically used, possibly the bridge I have connected.

Or can you tell me which connection is the most reliable? I have all 3 options. I wanted to use the newest/most modern one but I guess it was not a good idea.


I am using MQTT and when it was not responding what happend after update to version 4.1.8.
I still could connect with the app. It stay connected with the WIFI. So that’s was good.

Now I have installed the latest version 4.2.6. and see if the problem with the previous version is solved.

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Same question I have problem with Matter and i have 3 options