360/720º switch for lock'n'go

Product name

Smart lock


It would be nice to customise the number of key turns for lock’n’go in order to double lock the door when I leave the house.


Currently there’s a toggle between 360/720º turn for every single lock mode. Only Night mode has a 720º turn built in. It would be good to set the number of turns for lock’n’go (between 360 and 720º).


I’m comfortable having a single turn when home but I would like a double turn when I leave home. Currently I can achieve that by setting the turn to 720º but that setting apply to every single lock mode, including Auto lock. That’s ok but the lock is loud and it takes forever to unlock when you have to let someone in or when you have to open the door for a courier to deliver something.


As a user
I would like to double lock the house when I leave (lock and go)
So I can feel more secure

As a user
I would like for the door to self-lock (auto lock) when home by using a single turn
So it is quicker to open the door to let someone in

As @pault said, it would be nice to be able to choose between 360/720º locking operation (half/full locking).

During the day, when at home, 360º would be sufficient, much faster and saving batteries.