2'nd authentication in NUKI Action Widget

Product name

NUKI Smart Lock - App


From the NUKI Action Widget it is possible to open or unlock my door without any further authentication (on an unlocked phone). I would prefer to have an option for a 2’nd authentication when I use these actions (on an unlocked phone). These authentications can be by fingerprint or the same unlock code of your phone. The 2’nd authentication will prevent opening or unlocking a door by accidentally.


The NUKI Widget: option to have 2’nd authentication by fingerprint or unlock code of your phone (or similair another code) when using the actions.


To prevent opening or unlocking the door by accidentally / mistake.
Think on situations when you give the phone to your kids, to prevent to use these functions by mistake, or when you tapped these functions by mistake; while you are not at home.


When I unlock the phone and I scroll to the Nuki Widget on my home screen.
At the moment that I want to unlock or open a door , it asks for a 2’nd authentication by fingerprint or unlock code of your phone.