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Hello Everybody! Hoping to find some answers here!

So we made an integration to automatically create and delete pin codes on the Nuki web platform.

The problem is that after being created/deleted we get 204 confirmation but 30 seconds later there is an error and the action is reversed. This happens when we request it via API or Manually when done on the Nuki web. We don’t get any error code or anything. just error.

Why is this?

So in order to solve this we were thinking about using Webhooks. If we get the error message we can retry until it works. Would this be the right way to solve this?

If this is the case, our problem is that we cannot activate them! Can you guide us on that topic? we read the documentation but it’s two years old and wasn’t helpful.

Thanks in advance!!

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Hello, coincidentally these days we have encountered the same problem in one of our integrations. We are evaluating a possible solution and we understand that it is on the side of webhooks. It would be great to have confirmation from the Nuki team to proceed appropriately with the solution to the problem.

Hello Matias,

There is really a lot of delay in getting the error message and this is not usual. Could you please check if the auth that you are deleting exists on the mobile device? Is this consistently happening for all the auths?

Hi Matias,

Could you please DM me with more details on the issue?
Also provide your NW email address.

SENT YOU a DM :wink:

Hello Matias,

Since our API is asynchronous, the response 204 means that the request has succeeded, but that doesn’t guarantee that the client has executed the request successfully.

Now, to handle this, you need to have a retry mechanism to see if the operation succeeded (not just the API call). You can implement webhooks to handle this scenario, in which you will get the correct response.

This scenario normally happens when the device is not online or has bridge connectivity issues. Please check for the device connectivity.

Yeap! so far so good! thats what we believed! thanks for confirming! Now how do we activated webhooks is what we couldnt solve! :sweat_smile:

Clues are more than welcome!


We aligned on this via the DM. Hope you have information you need now.

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