Which Nello One cable (color) to which Nuki Opener cable

Hello. I just got my new Nuki Opener. My intercom Koch (9)33UP is unfortunately not supported but it worked with Nello One just for opening the door - which was very useful.
Now I want to replace my Nello and need to know which cable (color) from Nello goes to which Nuki cable (color).
It was very difficult to install, because the behaviour of my intercom caused at the beginning many interferences.
The fact, that I did the installation many months ago, made me forget how I did it.
My hope is, that somebody in the forum had similar problems and maybe the solution for my case?
Thanks for your help in advance.

My nello one was connected as follows (intercom is an old Entrotec model, technically unsupported by both Nello and Nuki but worked fine with both):

Nello Port 1 -> 0V
Nello Port 2 -> DR
Nello Port 3 -> DR
Nello Port 4 -> 0V
Nello Port 5 -> BZ"

Nuki provided me with wiring instructions as follows, and I was able to install Nuki with Nello still wired in too (I used the wiring diagram in combination with the screenshot giving the codes for each port, in order to allow the ring interception). Note that I also took the Nello cable linked to RING (I believe this is the one wired to “BZ” and put this alongside the Nuki yellow cable in the clamp, so that Nello still intercepts the intercom ring signal.

Should be enough information from all of the above to work out which Nuki wire maps to which Nello wire. Of course I can’t guarantee this will work for your setup, but I went through your same thought process and wanted to share the information I used!

Hi Steph

Did you manage to get it work?

I think I’ve got the same intercom and i can’t get Ring to Open to work.


Hi Edge, i think ring to open will not work with the model Koch 33 UP - would it be possible to send me a photo from your installation?

So far it looks like this

I started a thread already about my setup.
6 - RED
7 - empty
8 - empty
9 - BLUE
10 - GREEN

the YELLOW is connected to which I assume is RNG (it was on 10) before.