Which adapter for the thumb turn do I need?

Hi all, I’ve emailed support a few days ago but still haven’t heard back and eagerly want/need to order.

My lock isn’t any of the brands mentioned under thumb turn cylinder compatibility although it appears to be the round shape one, although there are two of those. This is the lock: https://www.ironmongerydirect.co.uk/product/a-spec-bs8621-euro-deadlock-and-thumbturn-78mm-case-57mm-backset-satin-stainless-969584 and it is a euro spec lock.


You can find pictures of the various adapters here: www.nuki.io/adapter - though I have to say, your cylinder doesn’t look right for any of them as the shank appears to be offset. Possibly the green one? My experience has been that the adapters (which are made of plastic) are not that durable if they don’t fit exactly.

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Thanks, I managed to get by with the green adapter by making the one whole bigger

Me too! On my first attempt the adapter was a little loose on the shank of the lock and the hole developed a crack. I’ve now added a slip of cardboard so that it fits snugly, and that’s working well.