What is a normal loading time in app?

Hi, all

Honest question here since I have no method of comparison to other Nukis or another smart lock system: it takes about 5-10 seconds consistently for my Nuki (2.0) to update the status and be ready for commands whenever I open the app. This is not the end of the world but somehow it seems excessive time for me, so is this a normal time for all?

Including some details below in case it’s useful:

  • Platform: iOS (15.6.1)
  • Nuki FW: 2.14.4
  • Bridge FW: 2.14.0
  • WiFi FW: 2.3.0
  • Nuki Model: 2.0
  • WiFi RSSI: -67dBm
  • Bridge BT signal: Excellent (~3m from lock)

Thanks in advance!

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About 1-3s is the expected response time for state updates. Try to put your phone in flight mode with only Bluetooth on. If it is much faster then, there is a problem with the connection path over the bridge. If you switch Bluetooth off with mobile data (or wifi) on, you can test the connection over the bridge.

Hi, Juergen

I tried what you described above and found out I get a much more reliable connection via wifi interestingly enough.

In airplane mode (hence using Bluetooth) the app took an avg. of 7sec to show the state of the lock, and once it even showed the lock as offline. I was standing about 1m away from the lock, BT connection showed as ‘very good’

With Wifi on and Bluetooth off the app took consistently 2sec to load, it was incredibly fast.

Is there a way to improve Bluetooth reliability/reset the Bluetooth connection between the lock and my phone?


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