Wear os app not working on ticwatch pro lte

I just got a ticwatch pro lte smartwatch. Its running the latest firmware update H. The nuki app doesnt work. When I try to open it on the watch its keeps saying ‘loading devices’ but it never loads anything…
It used to work on my older huawei watch 2…

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If you are using Android App 2.6.7, a new Beta is available with a Wear OS fix:


If you don’t want to test out the Beta the public version will be available soon if there is no negative feedback for it.

Tnx, I saw the update right after posting the thread. It does work indeed. Tnx, glad that’s sorted…

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I have the same watch and Android app 2.6.9 beta and doesn’t work without the phone, did you try to lock or unlock nuki with the phone’s bluetooth switched off?

Hola funciona ya Nuki en nuestros dispositivos? Tengo Android 2.17 gracias!