Using key while nuki is installed

I just bought my nuki smart lock and i love it, i upgraded from Sherlock s1, and is a new world, amazing, unfortunately i can’t use my key (i want to use it as emergency) my lock supports opening from outside while the key is inside. The problem is that Nuki rotate the key in a place that i can’t use my key from outside, i can’t find any calibration settings to always place in the right position, I’m afraid that if i forgot my phone/battery of the nuki run out or something I’ll be locked out and i would like to have a piece of mind. That’s why actually i upgraded.
I have some videos, the first is without Nuki so you can see that the key works

The second is with Nuki and my key not working

Any suggestion will be appreciated thank you so much for your help

Hi Javier,
I’m afraid that you need the correct lock, look for (in Spanish) “bombín de doble embrague” and replace yours.

But i can use both keys, the emergency lock works in any position of the key? I used to have the Sherlock s1 which do the same as Nuki and Sherlock has the option to calibrate, i though nuki would do something similar and place the key 90 degree vertical, :pensive: unfortunately i can’t change the lock (I’m renting and is complicated) that’s why I decided for nuki but makes me wonder if something happens with Nuki and suddenly stop working, i will be locked out…

Hi Javier,

Your video clearly demonstrates that the key on the inside is moved out of the cylinder when you insert the key on the outside. That makes it impossible to use this cylinder from the outside if Nuki is installed. So you need to change the cylinder to make it happen.

Changing the cylinder is not as bad as it sounds and is not the same as changing the entire locking mechanism. Your photos indicate that it might be easy on your door as well. To give you some idea of what would be involved, please see this video on YouTube:
Changing the cylinder on your door

You can buy a “hotel” cylinder at Nuki’s website:

BTW: I am also renting and therefore I stored my original cylinder in a safe place, so I can reinsert it if I move out (thus restoring the original situation).

Hope this helps!

Thanks a lot, I don’t want to ask permission to my landlord, but you are right should not be a problem… I hope there is no an emrgency and they would blame me because they can’t go in :confused:
is any easy way to know which dimension should I buy? there is several options and I have no idea.

The Nuki website shows how you can measure the lock. Just click on the installation tab and there you can find a diagram that show you how.

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Yes, thank you so much you helped me I just removed the cylinder and i got it, i will replace it.

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¡de nada!