User management issues on web and Android App

Hello all, I’m a new proud owner of a Nuki with bridge, and so far as the lock goes, I’m quite happy. But I have a few issues with the (web) app

One on the problems is that the users which I created on the app are not shown in the web interface, only the first 3 and the keypad. But the events are shown from those users, but I’m unable to use the filter…

When I open the app on my (android) phone it often returns only 1 of 5 users even after a few tries, Or no users at all… That is really an annoyance… I tried standing next to the lock even although I use a bridge which should take care of this, right?
I’ve searched this forum for my problem and stumbled upon a topic where the solution was clicking the “Update now” button, so I did. Unfortunately no solution for me. I also tried to add another user via the web but that invitation wasn’t sent for some reason?

When I check the connectivity, is shows my bluetooth isn’t connected but when I try to open the door (with wifi and mobile data switched off) The door opens…

And at this moment, the web app says my lock is offline but when I check the android app it is connected… My bridge is 1 metre from the lock with a Line of sight…

Does anyone has answers to my questions?


Please contact our support via or for direct help on your issue. They can go through your setup step by step to check where the syncrhonization issues may be originated.
“Update now” forces a /sync command to update data from the Smart Lock. If this keeps failing and the Web App shows the device as offline, the server was repeatatly not able to reach your device via Bridge/Bluetooth, which needs to be sorted out.

This forum is focused on developer related issues.

Well, I think there is a development issue here because of the users not showing up, but ok, I will contact support for this