Use old Android phone as hotspot for smartlock?

Hello folks,
I’m a newbee altough I used a Niki combo in our office @ oxypoint
Now I am building my new house, we hope to finish it in a few months .
A lot of skilled workers have to entry the house, I will order a Nuki smart lock, but internet is not yet connected in the house.
There is a very strong 4G signal available in our street.
-Is it possible to use an old Android phone as a hotspot to activate smartlock? Can somebody help me with these settings?
-The smartphone can stay all the time close to the smartlock.
-Can the smartphone stay an unlimited time in hotspot mode (when coupled to a power supply?
-Do i need the Nuki bridge to use hotspot functionality, or can I order the bridge when I am moving to my new house?

Kind regards, and keep it open (if you want it)

Probably the simplest solution for this is to use a Smart Lock with Keypad (without bridge).
You can create time restricted entry codes for your workers and pass them along to them easily.

Hotspot for the bridge should work fine too. You can also try to run the Android Software Bridge App directly on this phone:

Thx for this extremly fast answer !