Usability declined in the last few weeks


I bought a Nuki Smartlock three month ago and for the first eight week I loved it, but for the last few weeks it’s usability declined to less than zero. When I want to open the door it only unlocks it so I still have to get the key and open the door manually, more often than not the lock fights me because it wants to lock the lock again. When I try to check the logs I constantly loose the Bluetooth connections which means I sit for 15-30 minutes once or twice a week next to the lock and try to repair it. Therefore I got a Bridge today and tried to pair it which is just as unstable as the direct connection but it brings a new problem, when I want to register for Nuki web it says that the lock is already registered to another account. So the bridge goes back tomorrow and the lock end as an expensive piece of electronic trash

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