unlocking and locking


Is it normal not to receive the nuki states for states 2 and 4 (locking/unlocking) from http-api?

I go from 1 to 3 and vice versa, no intermediate state

Yes, that can happen if the state change is too fast to be advertised in time.

thank you for the answer. I will monitor the history, but I don’t think I ever receive them. I am in V3, but I have the same feedback with other users who are in V2


I’m using à V2, for the last month I received locking state 7 times, unlocking never. Locking state just when nuki AutoLock.
I think 15sc between open and closed is not too fast.

@sagitaz Thanks for the notes. I will check it again with my test setup if I can reproduce this for me.

Hello, any news, have you reproduced?