Unlock Smart Lock via Mail


I want to unlock a door, if a mail received from a specific sender.

Is it possible to create an Applet with this feature? I don’t want to buy the hardware if it doesn’t works.

I ask support: they only tall me that there are no prefabricated Applets on ifttt.

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Hi wolfram,
NUKI definitely can do this technically. I am not familiar with IFTT, so I can not garantier you that you can do it there or you have to program it yourself. You probably need the bridge as well.

Hey Sam,

Thanks for the fast response.

What do you mean with I can program it myself? Which other interface besides ifttt can I control myself?

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Well, you have the webapi Nuki Web API. You can trigger an “open” command by any means. The api looks complicated in the beginning, but with some beginner/intermediate coding experience you can write your own program within a couple of hours. For me the most difficult part would be to implement the processing of the email. If this can be handled by iftt, it should be easy to implement.
Any particular reason to use emails? They are slow and this is very annoying when you are waiting in front of a door. There should be lots of alternatives…

That’s sounds good.

I already use a program that can evaluate the mails for which I have the source code. There I will try to integrate the API.

Yes, it’s for fire department and I get an mail from Rescue control center.

I did this in the past with Gmail filters/labels, Google Apps Script and IFTTT. When Google Apps script would find an unread mail with a specific label, it would call IFTTT to open the door with Nuki. Performance was not the fastest, but acceptable (30 seconds to 2 minutes).

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