Undeleteable Key codes and no Nuki Web


We have mutliple locks with key codes which are getting managed by API calls. But there is something borked now. The nuki Web Interface doesnt show any locks anymore, just sometimes there are a couple shown. Its like if they where used they are there for a couple of minutes. In the App it still works fine, and they are still connected to nuki Web. (It always says its already connected to an Nuki Web account, I havent found any way to drop my locks from that account and try a new one.) They are still accessible via the API.
Are you currently updating something? The locks arent all on the newest firmware - but a couple of them. It doesnt make a difference.)

The next bigger thing is that the key-codes returned from the API cant be deleted on a couple of our locks.
The App doesnt show them anymore, via an API call there are still there. A delete call looks like it deleted (204) but its still there after.

Trying to delete with /smartlock/auth and an array tells me either 404 or “the parameters are correct but the server couldnt do it”, I am not getting that second one right now anymore (made so many delete calls) but a GET request shows the codes still in the lock.

Is there anyway to hard reset this? It almost feels like malformed data in my locks/nukiweb is preventing something. Also in the Web Interface maybe.

Is there any way to do a real reset? A reset in the App of a lock is still connected to Nuki Web after (makes sense) but I just cant reset Nuki Web.

Sound like some syncing issues between the devices and the server.
I will follow up via PM so we can check your Nuki Web account.