Timezone and Time in Activity Log do not fit

I have a weird problem with the lock I installed for my dad.
He has set the timezone to Europe/Berlin. The time showing is correct.
But when he tries auto unlock, the activity log says, auto unlock not possible because night mode is active.
The strange thing now is, the time in the activity log show 4am while it is 11am. Night mode is set to be active from 10pm to 6am.

Any ideas how to synchronise the time? We have already deleted and reinstalled both, the Bridge and the lock.

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I have the same problem with my nuki.

Same issue here.
Not only is the time off, also the time measurements are off.
Activity performed not even 5 minutes apart show a eg 45 minutes apart in the log.
I have filed this issue with support, who have asked me to send an error log.
When I hear back from them I will post the results on this thread.

I have both this time issue and a date issue.
just installed it, and it keeps saying its 9 september instead of 29th (even after a factory reset)
and time it says 9:24 instead of 19:24 (also on the berlin timezone)

Please contact our support via https://nuki.io/en/support-request/ or contact@nuki.io.

Update was brought by Nuki which solved the problem for about 2 hours. After that de date is still correct but the time is off again. Please fix this problem as soon as possible because it infects the use of time stamps for the keypad as well. I cannot use restricted times for the keypad because of the wrong time!

Just got information, that Nuki found the problem and plans to release a fix this weekend!

That’s great as I’m having the exact same issue! Hopefully the new FW will be released soon.

@Juergen any idea when you will be releasing this fix?

2.9.0 Beta is already available. The fix is also included in 2.8.15 since today. If you updated before you need to install the beta.

@Juergen I’ve requested access to the Beta’s, but haven’t had any reply yet.
Would you be able to provide me with the Beta FW or how I go about installing this?
This would be very appreciated!

Looks like I updated to soon as I’m running 2.8.15, but still experience the same issue I’m afraid.

@Juergen Thanks for the Beta firmware, after applying the issue was resolved. All working very well now!

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Why wasn’t the fixed Version bumped to 2.8.16?
The same version for different firmware is very confusing.