TekTone 4 Wire Intercom Station

Hey there,

Looking to hook up the Opener to my analogue intercom. My intercom has the following cabling:

Tech install PDF can be found here: https://www.tektone.com/pdf_files/manuals/IL826_PK543A_install.pdf

Any ideas?

Hi! Have you found out anything in the meantime?

I haven’t. Most of the connections I attempt, the Nuki will unlock the building door regardless if my apartment buzzer was pressed - which is not what I’m after!

Not sure if Nuki wants to pounce on this but an NYC startup is about to release something similar to the Nuki Opener that is compatible with US intercoms (like mine). Though they charge a monthly fee for the same features as Nuki!

Blue and purple on 2 and 3 for opening, you tried already? What exactly is the behaviour, when you connect blue and purple to it?

Alright, I’ve managed to get the Nuki to open the door (either via App or Ring to Open/Continuous)

Blue → 2
Green → X (disconnected from Intercom, only connected to wire in wall)
Purple → 3

The problem now is I can’t hear the buzzer when someone rings - both the intercom in the apartment and the Nuki make no noise. I do not have Ring Suppression on.

I tried as per instructions
Yellow → X (X I think is RING)
But this turns on the intercom speaker in the apartment so I continuously hear everything at the door.

I have nothing from Nuki connected to 1.

Progress! Any help appreciated!

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