SOLVED: Keypad: Increase time between entrys after entering wrong code

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Nuki Keypad


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Limit the amount of tries for a code


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After for instance 3 wrong entry’s in a given time the lock will ignore other codes for 30 seconds, after that with another wrong entry it would wait a minte, then 2 minutes etc. Or maybe you could set these settings in the app.


Why is this feature needed?
Added security:
This would make it safer, it would be allmost impossible to then guess the password even if you have seen a part of the key. The “burglar” doesnt know the lock is ignoring the passcodes so if the lock is in wait state and the right code is typed in the lock still does ignore the code.


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Stalker / Burglar that has seen someone go in and saw a part of the code would have a very difficult time to still get in.

Burglar with too much time that is trying 111111 111112 111113 111114 111115 etc would never be able to get in.

Sounds like a good addition. I know this behaviour from some other projects already, although I think the timing should be somewhat more convenient at the start and add up more time for each wrong entry code. But that’s just mee thinking of 30s being too much for the start already. More like 5s and then double up (10s, 20s, 40s, 80s, etc.)

Maybe a developer can explain what the current implementation is?
It seems that the lock does not log all incorrectly entered codes, so it seems that there is already a mandatory pause between entries anyway. And I have experienced that after a number of wrong attempts, the correct code also didn’t work immediately.

Hi Guys, thanks for your input!

We’ve already implemented the following timeouts:

Attempts Timeout LED signalization
5x or more 30 seconds LED 3+4 blinking
15x or more 3 minutes LED 2+5 blinking
50x or more 30 minutes LED 1+6 blinking

Kerstin, thank you! That is what I wanted. Glad to see it already implemented.

O.k., so I am closing this as voting on it is not needed any more.

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