Software Update

Hi there,

After some tries I was able to update the Smart Lock and Opener softwares.

Now the Opener (actually the name of the sender device is the one of the Opener) notifies me:

  1. Bus Error 0x01
  2. "BusAct:84%,Pause:5min"

App-Version: 2.5.2
BuildNr: 1371
Device-Info: iPhone X
System-Version: iOS 13.2.3
Jailbroken: NO

1B787772, 1.2.7
1C37B204, 2.6.4

What does it mean? I am a bit worried about the effectiveness of my remote commands as I cannot reach the apartment phisically.

Thanks for a feedback.

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Hi there,

I got the same Problem. Wednesday I install the opener, friday nothing, saturday nothing, and it feels like the whole day I got the same Issue informations. Monday, nothing, and today again some of these.

I have written to the support, but until yet I don’t get new informations.

Do you have the cable a little bit loose in the bus system? I think it could be this problem, or we must calibrate the opener again. I don’t know, and I don’t find any informations about this problem.


UPDATE: I have checked the batteries, which where originally in the case. There all had only 1,44V than 1,5V. I changed them again new one: 1.61V. Maybe it was the lower battery state. I will observe this the next days.

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Thanks Michael for the update and for flagging the problem.
The Support suggested the proble could be caused by intercom traffic. Do you have commercial activities or intense intercom traffic expected (large buildings…etc)?
For istance, in my building there is a foundation, so until 5PM there is large amount of people who come and go. In the weekend I have no issues.

I don’t have any commercial activities, it is a normal house with 5 families.

The traffic can’t be too high. And maybe it would be, it should not be necessary. I got 80 Minutes Pause in one case, and in this time, nobody can use Ring to open, but this is, why I buy this thing.

In my case, the support don’t answered me since some days. And ok, the log shows a problem, but why, why there must be a pause function? the activity should not be a problem for an opener.

If the problem can’t be supported, I must send it back and make one opener in DIY, with a sonoff basic or something else.

I understand. Try to repeat the configuration! The Support team suggested me so.

I didn’t have time to try and having a lot of people coming and go I settle also with short pauses. I don’t even use the ring to open option as personally I don’t like it.

But a try could be worth for you…