Smartlock FW 2.6.6 aber keine Updates verfügbar?

Laut neuester App sind die neuen Funktionen nur in Verbindung mit FW 2.7.8 verfügbar. Mein Smartlock ist auf FW 2.6.6 aber keine Updates verfügbar?

FW 2.7.8 ist eine Beta-Firmware. (2.6.6 ist die aktuellste public Firmware, weshalb für Nicht-Beta-User keine Updates verfügbar sind.)

FW 2.7.8 is a beta firmware. (2.6.6 is the latest public firmware, so no updates are available for non-beta users.)


It is very confusing, because in the release Notes of public App release you write about a function which is only available as a beta.

Also the situation that beta firmware is already at Version 2.7.8 but public release 2.7 wasn’t released today.

There will never be a public version 2.7. All 2.7.x versions are beta-Versions. If the Beta is ready for public a new Public Version 2.7.x or 2.8.x will release.

You are correct, this should have not been done as it can be confusing for users, sorry.