Smart Lock Firmware 3.5.x Beta

The lockActionEvent works.
Only inconvienience so far is that the lockActions from the mqtt Api do not trigger an event.
This should be changed, please.

Then you must be doing something wrong. It is tested and works with 3.5.2.
Maybe switch to QoS = 2 for lockAction publishes.

Sorry, but you misunderstood me i guess.

The the lockAction is working of course.

But the the lockAction from the mqtt api does not trigger the lockActionEvent (publishing of the comma separated list to the topic lockActionEvent).

This is rather a feature request than a bug. When you send a lockAction you 1) know that you sent one and 2) already get a commandResponse and 3) all related state changes. Sending an additional lockEvent would be one more update with something that you already know as sender. But this should be discussed in the MQTT API section and not here.

Hallo Jürgen

mal ne blöde Frage: Wo finde ich die MQTT API section?

Via the search function posts like this one show up: Nuki Bridge MQTT Support - #17 by Juergen

Updated to 3.5.2 and happy so far.
Intergrated MQTT with GH/Assistant, Node-Red, IFTTT, Domoticz and my own software. Everything works great so far but still testing.
Just one thing i’ve noticed but haven’t tested that yet!
The auto-lock works great but when I come home it takes forever for the SL3P to unlock. Finally after grabbing my keys I hear it unlock. Could this be caused by the WIFI connecting?

I had a strange behaviour of the lock. The lock was offline for about 6 hours until i realized it. No wifi connection available. There was no lock action in the offline period.

Directly after pulling the power pack the lock was online again. Seems like it was more of a firmware problem instead of a problem of the wireless signal.

Auto-Unlock is fully BLE and client (= your mobile phone) based and has nothing to do with WIFI or the connectivity of the Smart Lock.

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[Smart Lock Firmware 3.5.2]


  • I have also issue on AutoUnlock sometime on this version 3.5.2, before this feature worked very well.

  • An other hand, when i restart the smartlock my wifi signal quality indicate 15, but after one nukiweb call this value indicate 2 and does not change until the next reboot.


Where do you get this WIFI signal quality from?

@Juergen : In intagrated wifi, after 7 press on network

First time use of a beta 3.52., coming from 3.3.5 for the 3.0 Pro.

  • Wifi connection is stronger than with 3.3
  • quicker info on Connection status, protokoll via iOS app
  • no longer issues with WebAPI when opening the unlocked door with just the latch (in 3.3.5 many times the Nuki started to lock the door after 2sek.)
    So far Thumbs up!

Firmware 3.5.3 has just been released into beta. It stabilizes the WiFi connection in most of our testing setups significantly. Please give it a go and report back in this thread any experiences.

It might not solve the problems with some Unifi setups where the Smart Lock does not reconnect to Wifi anymore after some time. If you are affected and your Smart Lock does not automatically reconnect, please try to access it via BLE, unlock the door via button or manually by turning the knob on the Smart Lock and check if it comes back online after it (All 3 things will initiate an immediate WiFi reconnect attempt).

How long does it take for the firmware to be available? My Nuki pro reports the firmware is up-to-date and I’m at 3.4.9

Sorry, I thought it was a GA firmware. I’m not at the beta channel with the lock.

Just installed it. I’m one of the users with a Unifi setup that can not keep a stable connection. I’ll keep an eye out the next couple of days and report back here.

Here to confirm that this firmware indeed does not solve the networking issues on my unifi network. Forcing a reconnect doesn’t always work as well as the problem I’m seeing is not that it doesn’t try to reconnect but it aborts setting up the connection apparently due to not being able to connect to the SSE server. I’m also worried about the bad signal when it’s actually connected which could be hardware related.

Other then the WiFi issues the MQTT functionality is great. If i could depend on it, it would simplify my home setup in both hardware as software.

Please cannu add me to thw Beta Program?

New version 3.5.4 ?
What’s new in this version ?

Original post has been updated with release notes for the Smart Lock 3.0 Beta 3.5.4.

Please install this beta and share your experiences in terms of stability and the MQTT API (beta) here.