Smart Lock 3 battery indicator unrielable in my experience. How to improve it?

I’ve been very happy of Smart Lock 3 and battery performance until some days ago. My battery (the original OEM Duracell I found on the Smart Lock 3 box) were pretty much drained then indicator saw there was still 44 per cent of power inside. That day I’ve been locked out becouse the Smart Lock was unable to open the door becouse of the poor power inside the battery. I did some tests and after a while it showed a little red battery on the iphone app. I changed the app adding the Power Pack I bough before then now I’m worried if also the battery power meter inside the app could be unrealable like the one with normal battery I experienced. Any experience and idea? BTW I’m happy about the performance of my Smart Lock 3: I bought it in february and my battery, as I said the original Duracell OEM inside the box, been working for more than seven months! I have to say I didn’t open the door too much, I turned off pretty much all the light indicators, activated automatic power management. I usually do open the door using Auto Unlock and I’m very happy, Just I would like the battery indicator should be more accurate.

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I had the same thing happen with my smart lock 2. The original Duracell batteries lasted about 3 weeks and would not open the door when the display still said around 45%. I changed to rechargeable eneloop pros and since then they have lasted months and months between recharges. I generally don’t let them go below 50% in case they also stop working suddenly, but at least that is now months and not weeks.

Same situation here I dealt with support. After le average usage and around 50% smart lock 3.0 got locked my guest out.
The worst thing is that there was no alert. INuki support replaced device after recalibration and battery charger tests but no guarantee that it won’t happen again.
They need to fix mainly and alert error before getting locking out and then battery consumption and % when alert is triggered.