Smart Lock 2.0 Firmware 2.5.3 & 2.5.4-Beta

We started rolling out the new Smart Lock firmware version 2.5.3 & 2.5.4-Beta.

What’s new?

  • Multi Connect: the Smart Lock now allows multiple simultaneous connections.

  • Reduced standby power consumption.

  • If a locking action was unsuccessful due to external influences (motor blocked), the Smart Lock makes a second locking attempt.

  • Performance and stability improvements.

Please check for updates to your Smart Lock in the next days and give us your feedback!

i get the update and think i install it later … but later the update was gone and don´t show again? was the beta update 2.53. stopped?

Yes, the rollout was slowed down due to an issue we found which affected a test unit here. But you should see the new update again soon.

After this update the app keeps telling me the door is open. Fortunately I have a camera at my front door so I didn’t need to drive home when I noticed it in the Nuki app. Any advise on how to resolve is very much appreciated!

Beta app and beta firmware.

Are you using the Smart Lock 2.0 with door sensor?
Maybe it needs a recalibration. For me the open door is sometimes triggered when temperatures change very fast in the morning and I have to fix it.