Single psw for 2 doors

I’m lazy …
Here is the situation: main entrance (with Nuki opener # 1) accessible for guests AND owners. Everyone has their own access code.
Private entrance (with Nuki opener # 2) is only accessible for owners. The access code is identical to opener # 1 but only for owners (of course)
Both Nuki openers are connected to a Nuki Bridge.
I would like when the owner enters his code in the Nuki opener # 1, that, immediately or with a delay but automatically , the Nuki opener # 2 to open the private door.

This is a feature request, so please write this in the feature request section, because there the people can vote for it, and the requests with the most votes, the developers take in consideration!

Maybe this is useful for you!? With this you can let an opener open a door, so when you take door opened as trigger from opener 1, it would automatically let opener 2 open the door!