Since Opener Update v. 1.4.3 can't connect anymore

Since Opener Update v. 1.4.3 can’t connect anymore.
App is showing “not reachable” and trying get into Adminsettings I got an Error that I’m not in reach of Bluetooth.
But of course I am. The same place ever on my desk close to the Opener and even the Bridge. :man_shrugging:t3:
Any help is much appreciated.

Same here… no connection between bridge and opener since updating the firmware yesterday.

I now got back and forth in the Nuki App. Unplugged the Bridge end re-plugged it to the power.
Then I pressed the button on the Opener to did an action, in my case ring-to-open on/off.
After a few seconds the Opener was reachable by the App again and also possible to get into Admin settings.
Connection-Status is looking good for now.

Replug the bridge does not work for me.
But now everything is working after deleting the opener in the app and add it again.

And now there is a new v.1.4.4 today. Maybe also fixed some problems for others.