Serious Problem - Keypad doesn’t work during night

Yesterday Night and again this night I had the same problem on 2 DIFFERENT doors/installations:

My guest have been standing outside of the door at 1 and 2am in the night and could not enter with the door code. One guest even called the police and then had to search a hotel at 3am.

After entering the correct code the Keypad blinks 5 times which indicates “Locking currently not allowed, Keypad is limited in time”
In both cases the code set as valid until today in 11am.
The log files, do not show any activity from the keypad.
Also I did not get any battery warnings from the keypads.
In the last months it was working normally.
On one lock, after problems in the first night, (during the day after unlocking with the app the Keypad worked) I updated the Keypad to the latest FW, testet it, but during the next night the same problem.

Is there any new setting which causes that there is no access with the keypad during night???

This causes serious problems for me! What is going on?!?
I have 8 Apartments set up for keyless access with keypads… !!
Please help!

Please contact customer support. They will look into it.