Semiautomatic recalibration after manual locking action

Product name

Smart Lock (v1)


My Smart Lock looses calibration after a manual unlock by key. So I’d like to have a possibility for semi automatic recalibration. The code for this is already there as of this post:

No automatic calibration action is neccessary for this. The recalibration starts with the next (un)locking action triggered by the user. No ghost actions/accidential door opening.


Smart Lock get option to recalibrate semiautomatically after manual interaction.

The Smart Lock remembers the degree of max. rotations from the last manual calibration in order to recalibrate its motor position.


With the panic function in some locking cylinders, the Smart Lock looses its calibration after a manual (un)lock is performed with a key from the outside. This is quite annoying in my case, because I don’t take my phone with me all the time and the keypad was planned only as a last resort and is hidden behind a cover. Hence, opening the door by key is a normal usecase and not just a last resort. The keypad also takes its time to connect to the lock and trigger the unlock, sometimes you have to punch in the code a second time.


Call it “Special recalibration setting for panic function” or something.

  • Nuki lock action: after manual unlock, turn until fully locked and the lock mechanism blocks the motor.

  • Nuki unlock action: after manual lock, turn until fully unlocked/unlatched and the lock mechanism blocks the motor.

If an user sets it without proper knowledge and then uses the lock mainly with its motorised lock actions, it doesn’t have an impact on the wear of the motor or the battery life, since it only triggers after a manual action.
For my case, it doesn’t make a difference as well, becase either way I have to recalibrate after a manual unlock. It would be beneficial, because it performes only one “max. resistance” turn instead of two during the full calibration.

This might be of interest to you: