Rolling back Nuki SmartLock beta firmware


I haven’t registered myself as a Nuki SmartLock firmware beta tester yet, but would like to know the following before doing it.

  1. How can a beta version be rolled back (in case of problems) to the last released version?
  2. Will the final version be offered when the beta of it is already installed?

Thanks and regards

No, you can’t roll back to an earlier version.
Public betas are always versions which we tested earlier internally and use ourselfs on our own Smart Locks in office and at home though. In the case of major issues with a beta firmware we will provide a further update as soon as possible.

The update checks for version number of the firmware. If there is a newer public version you will get the update for it. If we realese a beta-version as it is to public (with the same version number) you will not see an update, but in fact have the exact same firmware running.

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