Removing lock/unlock for Smart Locks

We have a lock that is a night latch lock so it can only be opened and closed - you can’t lock/unlock it. I wondered if there was a way to remove the lock/unlock option from the app as it can be a bit confusing. If no then perhaps this could be requested so that these sorts of locks are better supported?

If you change the “door fitting” from Lever to Knob/Bar in the Smart Lock Administration you will have “Open” and “Lock” buttons, which is the closest you can get to your ideal scenario with the current capabilities of the Smart Lock.

To increase the likeliness that something new gets implemented you could also create a proper feature request with an as detailed description as possible.

I have it set as a Knob/Bar but you still have options like autolock and option to unlock/lock which is possible with these locks and if pressed by mistake can actually sometimes open the lock!
I’ve raised a feature request though, so at least it can added to the mix!

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