Re-send invite to Nuki Lock users


I run into the same problem often:

  1. Someone has a phone with the Nuki app
  2. I create a user for that person and re receives an invite
  3. Things work fine from that phone

BUT… what about if that app is deleted, or the lock is deleted from the app. How can I resend the invite/link to that person? I didn’t find a way and was forced to delete users and recreate them (very inconvenient obviously)

Is there a way to easily deal with this challenge?

Thanks in advance,


We currently have no reinvite option.

The most comfortable way currently is to go through Nuki Web where you can quickly remove existing authorizations for a user and then send (Multi-)Invites.

This is due to authorizations beeing unique key-pairs between Smart Lock and Smartphone. If one side is deleted the other side may not know about it but still be useless.

Hi, could an dynamic optical encryption device « LiFi - key » be an alternative? I.e. with