Probleme connection GUESTY - reservation AIRBNB

I use the guesty software to manage about fifty apartments. Usually when a reservation is made, whether airbnb or booking, guesty retrieves it, sends it to nuki, and nuki generates the code for the reservation. Until September 14 everything was working fine. from September 14 nuki no longer create codes for airbnb reservations. Each new reservation I have to create the code manually which over time will cause me a lot of problems.
I really want someone to help me I have tried everything, disconnect guesty, regenerate the api code and reconnect all the nuki but nothing helps it does not work.
Anyone know how to fix this problem?

Please contact our B2B support ( They can have a look at your specific request / problem.

thank you .
i already send them a mail

Hi, since the end of september 2022, you have to pay for this service wich was free until now; the name is Nuki Smart Hosting!