Problem with API via Webrequest

Hi @all,

I life in a KNX-based Smart Home where the Gira X1 is used for logics and visualization. But this only as background knowledge.

To open and close my NUKI locks from the Gira X1 smart phone app I created logic by using a webrequest-tool and a XML/JSON-parser tool.

In general this logic works pretty fine so I can open and close the locks via the app and i also can see the status of the locks (open/closed). But only sometimes.
Most of the time the logic is not working so there is no status available and I can not oben and close the locks.
To be honest I don´t know why, in gneral the logic seems to be okay because sometime it is working but I don´t understand what the problem is most of the time. Is there a maximum number of requests by time? Right know I ask for the status of the locks every 5 minutes. Mybe that is too much and the whole system hungs up?
Connection between bridges and locks is absolutely okay. Also the NUKI app works fine all the time.

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This should be no issue for the Web API.

How do you request the status? With GET /smartlock/{smartlockId}? Do you have any error logs for those requests on your side?

Right now it works, after one week of trying I found a knx-internal problem a few minutes after posting this topic.

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Dear Tommy,

Would it be possible that you share a screenshot (without your Nuki specific data) and the parameters of your X1 logic. I would like to do the same but did not find a solution yet. Would be great if you could share the details. Thanks in advance.