Problem integration HA with NUKI SMART LOCK 3.0 PRO

I’m using this integratioN:

which publish MQTT comand to use with my HA server.

This works fine with NUKI SMART LOCK 3.0, but I have a strange issue with NUKI SMART LOCK 3.0 PRO:

  • when NUKI SMART LOCK 3.0 PRO isn’t connected to any WIFI network, it accept all MQTT comands and all works fine
  • when NUKI SMART LOG 3-0 PRO is connected to my WIFI network, it pair fine, but when I send any MQTT Command I receive this error

How I can fix it?

NUKIS SMART LOCK 3.0 PRO is able to connect at same time to a WIFI network and using bluetooth connection to any other device? radio device/antenna/component are shared?

I think I’ve read something you have to connect your smart lock as an app in that integration. Or you can use now with the new Firmware and the iOS beta the internal MQTT api on the SL 3 Pro.

I also tried app integration option…no luck!

I installed 3.6.0 beta version: same issue…but I can’t use MQTT available in beta version beacuse I need a DNS server to redirect MQTT traffic to my MQTT server…

in beta version, it is possibile to manually setup ip address of MQTT server?

yes, you can setup the mqtt server manually in the iOS beta. It works great. I’ve just changed from the hardcoded mqtt to the iOS beta configured. you don’t need mqtt.local anymore. You can use IP Adressen aswell.

How I can change it?

If you haven’t been in the beta testing of the sl3 pro you only have to use the new iOS beta. Go to the Konfiguration tab in the iOS beta, there should be a new menu beneath HomeKit and amazon Alexa called mqtt.
There you can setup your mqtt server.

If you have participated in the beta testing you have to disable the debug mode and then you can configure the mqtt server. Alan connection is needed.

I’m in the beta testing mode: I already installed 3.6.0 beta version…but I don’t see any IOS beta menu in NUKI IOS app…

Have you installed the iOS beta witch TestFlight? Version is 2023.4.1
It came today

how I can have invitation code for testflight ios app?

It’s in this post

What’s your goal here? Do you want to use the built-in MQTT of the smartlock, or NUKI Hub which connects to the lock via bluetooth and exposes an API via MQTT to control the lock.

My scope is to use bridge: I think this could be good solution to use less battery…