Own Nuki Bridge case (with external 5V power supply)

Unfortunately I find the Nuki Bridge just too big for what it is supposed to do. Sometimes you came to its limits due to the depth of the construction, especially when the socket is behind a cabinet and it is the only socket nearby and still close enough for reception.

It would be cool to have a choice when buying. A variant as it is currently sold, and a variant with external power supply.

Since this did not exist, I solved a case with my 3D printer and a micro-USB port. But see for yourself.

If it turns out that others are interested, then I would pass on the 3D print files.


Nice project. I wonder what is inside the original huge case? A tranformer?


A rather overdimensified 5V power supply and lots of air.


This is really great!
Could you maybe telein case for 3d printing?

Holy cow,

a transformer-sized switched-mode power supply. What’s its output rating?


5V - 1A.

I measured a maximum peak of 0.045 A
Of course I do not know if this is really the maximum value, so I used a 300mA 5V power supply.

Very, very nice! I would be interested in the 3D print files.

Hi @Manfred_Gibbons , could you send me the 3D printing files, too? Or even better, upload them to Thingiverse, so not everyone has to ask you separately.

@jritzerfeld @silviokennecke


Sorry for waking this topic up again.
As I had technical issues with the power supply, here are the specs: