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We’re finding opening our lock (Nuki 3.0 Pro) quite slow when using either Apple Watch or iPhone, sometimes up to 10 seconds waiting for the device to connect and the lock to respond/open. Auto unlock on the other hand works great, but we often don’t go far enough away from home to cause auto unlock to become active. So I’m looking at alternatives that might improve this.

  1. I’ve seen the announcement re: Keypad 2.0. My hesitation is that it still connects via bluetooth to the lock, so I assume isn’t likely to be that much faster than using Watch or iPhone. True? Or has Nuki done some clever engineering to ensure it connects and opens more quickly?

  2. (A random thought) Is it possible to ‘force’ Nuki into Auto Unlock mode without exiting the geofence area? Or could we manually reduce the geofence area to cause it to trigger when we move away from our property by a smaller distance?

I just installed my Keypad 2.0 and you are correct, it connects directly to the lock via BT.
From putting your finger on the lock until the lock starts turning I would say it takes around 3 secs on average.

Thank you. Would you say that’s the same length of time for you as unlocking using a phone?

I just installed Keypad 2.0 and it’s very fast, my only concern is that it feels very easy to get stolen :sweat_smile:

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Mine’s not easy to steal :sweat_smile:

Mine I think it’s defective by keyboard or by print or it doesn’t open me or it takes 30 seconds to 1 minute and more than 10 times only 1 opens it already sent me open and used.

I got it changed with this one but I got in bad shape for the transport, I came in an envelope and the crushed batteries chapita.

I could get them right and the batteries made contact, but you can see that it’s broken.

If I open the door with minimum 30s keyboard or don’t open.

If I open the door with a Fob is instantaneo!!!

This will make it slightly more difficult to steal it:

And I have another easier way I have to do it and show it.

It is to make a thread on each side, there is space and put two screws is the bottom.

This will prevent the keyboard from being able to slide up and can’t be removed if you don’t remove the screws.

The plate instead of glued would be screwed on.

I will show where to put the screws.

And the last thing I do not use Facebook sorry I can not see the link.

Sorry - didn’t think that not everybody is on FB :slight_smile:

So basically I used a small file and cut down the edges of the keypad just below where the base plate ends once the keypad is mounted.

After that I made a small metal piece (3x3x30 - and wood or plastic will of course work as well) that fit into that space.

Then I mounted the keypad and inserted the metal piece from the side.

Done - Here a few pictures:

And once it is mounted - this is what it does:

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Hahah clever! I love the simple ideas, like when I see those pictures of how people made locks centuries ago.
Nice idea mate!

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I have Facebook since it came out but I don’t like it the only network I use are Telegram and twitter groups.

It’s great!

I would have advised another option I have seen the inside and where it makes the hole with the file may have echoed a thread with a male 3mm or less but 3mm enter.

And screw two screws one on each side so it blocks it equally and more secure.

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