Opening door manually

Is it no problem when i to open door use one time physical key and second time use app? is Nuki remember position of key? i ask that because then i open door by the key the Nuki start working bad - rotates the lock in the wrong place which results in not closing the door. I had to use recalibration.

Also question about ring in nuki - can i open lock by manual rotating Nuki ring (not using button)? is it not spoils Nuki calibration ?

i know that this question i should probably send to but your customer support are very very bad. So maybe more technical employee can answer me :slight_smile:

Yes, Nuki detects the position of the door lock even when it’s manually turned by the knob (Nuki ring) on the inside or by a key from the outside. The calibration will only be lost if you do not have a proper cylinder. See

Support is not very bad, they are giving their best but are overwhelmed by many people who are interested in Smart Lock 2.0 and have questions about it. If you sent something there, please be patient. An answer will come.


but when I unlock my door from outside with a pyhsical key, Nuki down´t know it.
It think, door is locked. When I want to lock my door then by app, it doesn´t work.
Somtimes it rotates in wrong direction then and told me, its blocked.

So when door ist locked and I unlock it with my key, door-sensor does know, that door is opend and it can´t be locked anymore…

I think that isn´t good



Did you check your cylinder when you installed the Nuki Lock? The key inside has to do the same as the key outside. If not then these problems are the result. The keys have to be synchronized.