Opener without Internet connection

Hello there!

I have an opener installed, but currently without bridge. The bluetooth range is insufficient, so I would like to get the bridge. But I have wifi connection for my smartphone at the door.

Will the nuki App be able to check the presence of the bridge to activate ring to open via local wifi or will this communication always go through the cloud and therefore require working cloud services / internet connection on both ends?

Thank you!

RTO is activated when you enter your geofence (100m radius around your home) from somewhere outside. i.e. it requires your phone to have internet access from 100m to 0m to your door and it requires the Opener to be reachable via the internet (which is what the Nuki Bridge together with the Nuki server infrastructure ensures). Communication will always go this route even if your phone is in the same network as the bridge.

Understood - Thank you!

In Theory, I could open the door over local network via the API bridge; e.g. Homebridge or something like that, right?

Yes, of course.

P.S.: How “local” homebridge (which uses HomeKit which relies on Apples cloud) is, is another story though …

Thanks you! Yeah sure; but in my case I have Wifi at the door and can send the command over local network.