Opener notifications

  1. Although I enabled all opener related notifications, I don’t receive any. When I go to opener notification settings I receive the message the my session has expired, which is most likely the reason.
    I have to enter my credentials again in order to login.
    Is there a way to keep logged in.?

  2. I have activated Ring to open and Continuous mode.
    Have created 4 users (4 devices)
    Checking the activity log, when a visitor rung my bell it registered that it was me, one of the users and not someone uknown. Is that normal.? I was at home the whole time.
    Every time I ring the bell, it shows me (user) as the one who rung the bell.

  3. Continuous mode is I think self explanatory, Ring to open refers to the authorized users ringing the bell, right?

That should not be the reason for missing notifications, as this is just needed for initial setup.

The Opener will always show the user that activated Ring to Open / Continuous Mode in the activity log, because you else wouldn’t see who triggered the possibility to open that door (and who rang can never be verified for sure).

Ring to Open is time restricted (and can be restricted to one usage). Continuous Mode is in fact a “Continuous Mode for Ring to Open” which will not stop automatically.

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