Opener / interface App

Hello , why is the Opener in the app the same look as a smartLock ? A bell is a bell :wink: Here my idea :
It’s more easy for my airbnb guest … please update your version , it’s not good! (Sorry)

Well, it’s not always a bell. Most of the time it’s a door in front of which you’re standing when you take out the app to open it. So not much different than what you do with the Smart Lock (which is why it looks like that).

But i understand your wish. We’ll have a look at it and see how we can better explain Ring-to-Open on the main screen if it’s active.

You like this? It’s not easy … :nerd_face:

Is “Ring to open” automatically for my airbnb guest on this smartphone … activated for the visit time? Is that right? He have ring to open alone?

With nello it’s not so easy : I ask my airbnb guest for a checkin time window and I must “ring to open” activate. For this time window what he said me…
But everyone other person can ring to open for this time… it’s not save …

I wish a “auto buzzer” with Bluetooth or geofencing … My Smartlock and my bridge is on the ground floor near with Bluetooth…

Can you please describe in more detail what you mean with “auto buzzer”?

@Juergen AutoUnlock praktisch für den Opener … das wenn Bluetooth erkannt wird 1x der Buzzer automatisch gedrückt wird.
Dann müsste nicht mehr geklingelt werden.
Die Haustür ist offen.
Bluetooth 5.0 geht recht weit…

Das wäre ein Mehrwert zum nello.
Schließlich hat der Opener Bluetooth, dann sollte das auch integriert werden…