Opener Installation for STR VFS35

Hi to all,

I am new to Nuki and I purchases the Nuki smart lock and opener.

I tried every possibility to get the opener work with my STR VFS35 intercom but got no luck. This model is not included in the compatible models so I took a similar model which is STR VFS45. I have read in the forum that some people have got it worked with the same model.

The weird thing of my intercom is that it has 2 cables for BUS+ and BUS-.

I would be appreciated if I could get your help.

You have 2 cables for + and - normally when you are are more than one party in the house. One is the Bus coming and one is the Bus going. So handle them if there were one. Just let them alway be together and attach your opener cable accordingly. For me it was the 2 + cables connected to yellow and red, the 2 - cables connected to black and the orange and green to „can‘t remember anymore“