Opener: Guidance for Other Intercom (Urmet 1204/1)

Hey guys (and gals), whoever might have some guidance on the wiring for this unit (Urmet 1204/1) here are pics of the unit and also the schematics I found from the manual (any feedback will be much appreciated)

Here is the wiring on the unit

Alright so I took it deductively to figure out the wiring what I found so far is:


Any feedback on connectivity would be much appreciated, my assumption based on the above would be:
Yellow > CA or use suppression
Green > CA with suppression
Black > R2
Red >B or A
Orange > B or A
Blue > R1
Purple > R2

And which type of opener and doorbell model should be used via the App?

Hi Kirk,
you can try your connections with “Generic” as brand and “Analogue” as model. At the moment red, orange and black are optional for the setup.
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Thank you for your brilliant feedback Georg! To be frank I did not know that there was a “Standard” intercom model that could be selected, so I went ahead and reconfigured accordingly.

I tried Connecting the basic wires (without red, orange and black). The intercom works, Nuki though does not open the door. That being said this is what occurs.

If the doorbell rings, the video will start playing in the little intercom monitor. Using the Nuki app and selecting the Open command, the video feed will cut off once “Open” is pressed, but the buzzer does seem to go off with the Nuki. Any feedback would be much appreciated (I am quite determined to get this working)


I have an URMET 1201 and it seems to be the same wires than yours. Did you get work your system with NUKI Opener? If yes, can you help me?

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So sorry I didn’t get back to you, so when the door ring happens then I will get the Nuki notification, the open command though is not working. Will be happy to provide more pictures if you like, but a bit disappointed that this is not yet supported.

Hi Kirk, I am in the same condition as you, I have an Urmet 1204/1, have you found a way to solve?

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Hi all, unfortunately it seems that the 1204/1 is not officially supported and it is possible to get it to work as an opener but I have not tried that out - moving to a newer intercom so hopefully that will be supported

Hi! Is there any update about the compatibility with this intercom? I have a b&b and I would like to install the Opener to let my guests enter when they arrive late at night for the self check-in. Any chance I can use your product? Is there a configuration you can suggest to try? Many thanks!

Hi there,

Did anyone ever get this to work? The apartment I moved into has a 1201.


Remigi Rageth

So I have totally different wiring to everyone here… since it has a screen there is obviously power coming through and I don’t want to blow up the opener. Does anyone have any thoughts?

Also where do I find the model number?

So great news, everything works perfectly.


Whilst I still don’t know what model number I have, I stumbled across an italian forum where someone was trying to connect a Ring Doorbell and there is a person on there who replied. He said use Urmet 1130/1 and voila it worked straight away.

Open, Ring to Open etc all work.

PLC forum is where you want to ask your question.

How to get the opener to work

Hopefully this helps someone else too.