Opener Configuration Question

Hi all,
I am quite desperate. 2 weeks ago I managed after nights of trial and error to get my opener work. I have a ritto twinbus system and just connected the two wires with a/b (minimal). First it didn’t work, but suddenly the configuration went through. I thought it might have been because I set the delay to 3 seconds.

The system worked for 2 weeks now.
Today I made a reset (never change a running system), because I had another problem with my bridge. But I did not change anything at the cables.

During the configuration it regognizes when I press the opener. Also downstairs it recognizes, when I ring the bell. But then the door does not open. Not when I click on open, not when I ring the doorbell. So I cannot end the configuration.

It is so strange, since everything worked exactly like this before and I did not change anything…

Does anyone have an idea?

Hi! The opener getting easily this issues when something with the wires is not right!? Please control at first, if all wires a fully in place and screwed tight, and look if the plug for the wires into opener, is also fully in place and tight, because just slightly crooked and the opener gets issues.

Hi Rose,
thank you for your reply.
I checked all wires … and I also did not move anything. I just reset the opener after it worked for 2 weeks without problems.

Then please try this, - unplug the opener, fully reset it (maybe several times), and then replug the opener and do a fresh setup.

Hi Rose, thank you. I got it to work. Maybe my experiences can help someone else.
Nothing worked here. What helped me twice now is to unplug everything. I also removed ALL wires in the Ritto and took all batteries out of my Nuki Opener.

Afterwards I plugged in all wires again (the same way as before), installed the batteries and did the setup process. Everything works fine now. Apparently some connections have to be reset before everthings works again.

Hi! Yes I heard this very often now, that sometimes this is necessary to fully reset the opener, for getting it to work!? Thanks for the heads up!